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Garmin zūmo - Map colors

Many maps use a TYP file to define the colors of map elements. When the TYP file doesn't define a color for a particular map element or when no colors are defined at all (like with the City Navigator maps), the device defines the color itself. The zūmo 3xx/59x/XT (but also certain nüvi models) offer a choice from different map themes, each defining a set of colors for map elements.
These themes are stored in files with the extension .kmtf, which you can find in the folder Themes\Map on the device. It is possible to edit them with a text-editor, but that isn't very practical.

This is where this tool is designed for: select a theme file and click "Edit". You will get a page with all elements and the assigned colors; by clicking a color you can change it. When you are finished you can download the modified theme file.

The tool uses the element names from the file. I don't know exactly which element defines what; it might need some experimenting. An important one for zūmo users is "Map_RTE_ACTV_LEG_CLR", there you can set the width of the active route.
Some elements have the options "Scale" and "Border". "Scale" is (presumably) the ratio of the width of a line element compared to the default value. Enter "2" and the line will be twice as wide. "Border" sets the border with of line elements.
Some elements without a "Border" option offer the possibility to set a different border color, and some line elements with a "Border" option don't offer the option to set the border color. Don't know why.... I don't have a zūmo 350, so I can't check.

The theme file usually contains several profiles: "Guidance", "Browse", "Traffic", "Turn Preview", "Route Preview" and "Pedestrian". By unchecking the option "Same style for every profile (default)" you will get to see the separate profiles, enabling you to select different colors for every profile. Default this option is checked; in that case the color choices for the first profile are copied to the other profiles. In the original theme files I've seen the colors are the same for every profile.

Using the button "Save to file" you can download the modified theme file; put it on your zūmo and check the result.

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Last updated: 2023-11-09
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