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Windows - Downloading and installing JaVaWa programs

Does your Norton virusscanner report that it found a virus in a JaVaWa program? Read here

The latest versions of Windows and Internet Explorer contain several security measures which causes downloading and installing the programs from this website to be troublesome..
Here you will get a short instruction how to handle this.


The first dialog wiil be shown when you click the button "Download" on one of the download pages on this website. Click "Run" or "Save" in this dialog.
(You get a warning that this type of file could harm your computer. This is a generic warning; not specifically targeted at the JaVaWa programs)


Next you will get a message that Internet Explorer cannot verify the publisher of the program; click "Run".
(When I have to get my programs being verified it will cost me a lot of money. My programs are free; you must understand that such an investment is not an option...)


The final dialog before getting to the actual installation process will be shown when the Windows User Account Control is activated.
Click "Yes". Depending on your user account permissions you may get yet another dialog where you have to enter an administrator password.

After this the actual installation process will commence.

Norton Antivirus

If Norton Antivirus is installed on your computer, you may get a warning that the "WS.Reputation.1" threat is found after downloading one of the JaVaWa programs.

Unfortunately, the unsuspecting user has been put on the wrong track: WS.Reputation.1 isn't a virus at all! Symantec (the creator of Norton) uses the following rule: popular programs that are downloaded often are probably safe. Programs where this doesn't apply (and that Symantec doesn't know of) are labeled unsafe automatically; even when it isn't harmful at all.

It should be clear that this is a very bad thing for small independent software developers like me, but what can be done against it?

My advise is to use another virusscanner; there are plenty with a better reputation...

If you have Norton and run into this problem, you can restore the program from the Norton quarantine this way:

  1. Start Norton
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Click Quarantine
  4. Select the JaVaWa program in the list of quarantine files
  5. Click "Options" under "Recommended Action"
  6. Select "Restore this file"
Last updated: 2023-06-01
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