Setting map projection on the Mac

One of the functions of JaVaWa GMTK and JaVaWa Device Manager is to adjust the projection angle of a map. However, both programs are 32-bit and therefore will not run on MacOS Catalina or newer. Users of those systems can no longer adjust the map projection angle. With the "SetProjectionAngle" program that can be downloaded below, this problem can be solved.
It requires some manual work, because you first have to find the correct parameters yourself. The procedures are different for maps installed on your Mac (gmap format) and for maps installed on your device (img format).

Maps installed on your Mac

Maps installed on your device

The projection angle can be reset by entering the value -1.

Download SetProjectionAngle 0.2 for MacOS

SetProjectionAngle is a 64-bit program.

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