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The development and support of this program has been discontinued!
It is still available for download, see below.

JaVaWa IMGname

JaVaWa IMGname is a program to change the names in an IMG file quickly. Ofcourse this can be done with JaVaWa Device Manager, but that only works on IMG files in devices, and scanning a device with JaVaWa Device Manager takes some time.

Using IMGname is simple: run it, and drag an IMG file from Explorer/Finder to the window.

Map set name

On many devices the map set name is used as the "subtitle" to the map name. MapInstall/MapSource automatically compiles this name from the names of the map segments (up to a maximum of 50 characters). In MapSource, you have the option to change that name, but not in MapInstall.
An additional problem is that when you make a map visible to BaseCamp, the map will be indicated by the map set name only. This applies to some of the latest outdoor models, such as the eTrex 20/30, GPSMAP 62/78 and Montana. As the map set name is often quite cryptic, this doesn't help the identification of the map on the device...

Name in BaseCamp

You've got a map divided into multiple files (e.g. by country). You make them visible to BaseCamp, and you will notice in the drop down menu for the map selection in BaseCamp that each part has exactly the same name. By the editing the name here you can give them distinguishable, unique names.
Note that the name can never be longer than the original name.

Visible in BaseCamp

BaseCamp can use the maps on your device; very useful when you cannot or do not want to install the maps on your computer. This does not work with maps that haven been put on your device with MapSource or MapInstall, and even some SD cards with pre-installed maps cannot be used in BaseCamp. This option allows you change that behaviour, so that maps will be visible in BaseCamp (or not, when you choose the opposite).

A few notes:

Map name

Often the name of a map is too long to be shown completely in the menu of older devices like the GPSMAP 60C(s)x. In the case of multiple maps in the IMG file they will be shown separately (max. 10).
Note that the name can never be longer than the original name.

Last updated: 2023-10-21
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