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The source of this text is the (former) forum of GPS-Expert.nl

Upgrade your basemap to a more detailed routable World map

The zūmo has 2 maps when it leaves the factory:

  1. Base map Europe or America, not routable
  2. Detailed map City Navigator, routable
The base map gives you some details on your continent. But if you look on another continent, you will see nothing.
With the Garmin product World Wide Maps you can have more details in these other regions, but still not routable and the information is not much either.

Solution is known longer for other type of Garmin GPS units. I have tried the solution on my zūmo GPS and it works perfectly.

Step 0:

If you don't have a Garmin map product on your PC then skip step 1. MapSource should be installed on your PC in step 1!

Step 1 (install Worldmap under Mapsource):

Map selection

Now you have the routable World Base map in your Mapsource and you can make routes. (Map will fail if you zoom out above 3000km!)

Step 2 (download basemap from Garmin):

  • Download the iQue 3600 World-Wide Basemap (25 MB)
  • Find the file, but not to double click to install! With the right mouse button Extract to
  • Copy the file GMAPBMAP.IMG from this Zip file to a folder on your PC.
  • Step 3 (install basemap to zūmo):


    My zūmo now in Sydney, Los Angels and Miami:

    Test 1

    Test 2

    A route somewhat experimental through South America:

    Test 3

    Test 4

    You have now MapSource and a zūmo with:
    1. Base map World, routable!
    2. Detailed map USA version 8NT, routable.
    Last updated: 2023-07-31
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