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The source of this text is the (former) forum of GPS-Expert.nl

Introduction JaVaWa GMTK

The purpose of the JavaWa GMTK program is making management of installed Garmin maps easier on our computers.

In what cases we can use JaVaWa GMTK?

During all backup and restore actions, all unlock codes and certificates are copied!

What are old maps?

Old maps are the maps in a format which are usable in Garmin GPS devices and only are used on Windows PC's. The most notable signature of these maps is that the map is installed on the Windows PC and that it's registered in the Windows Registry. MapSource, BaseCamp and Training Center can then use these maps.
These old maps do not work on a Mac.

Can we convert old maps to the new format?

Yes, the old maps can be converted to the new map format. You can use the JaVaWa MapConverter program on a Windows PC or Mac computer to convert the maps to the new format. If you use JaVaWa GMTK on a Mac, the conversion to the new map format will be performed automatic for you, no additional conversion programs are needed.

What are the new maps?

Maps in a new format which can be used by all modern Garmin programs under Windows and/or Mac OS X. All information of the map is put into one folder/directory and there is no use of the Windows Registry anymore. The maps can be copied between Windows and Apple computers whiteout any conversion.

How do I recognise the kind of map (old or new) on Internet?

At most maps there is an installation program, and almost all down loadable maps are maps in the old format and uses the Windows Registry. Only the City Navigator maps after th year 2009 are in the new format.
The old maps are called the MapSource maps. The new maps are mostly called RoadTrip maps or Mac maps(but could very well used at a Windows PC as well).

Which maps are in old and which in new format?

This depends on which kind of computer the installation is done, but most installed maps in Windows are still in the old format.
In GMTK the following color coding us used for the maps:

What is a TYP file?

In the TYP file is described for the Garmin programs who the map must be shown on the screen, which color need a road to be, how thick must a path drawn on the screen. Some people like to change their TYP file to get better colorized maps on their computer and in their GPS device. By using this function in GMTK you can easily change a TYP of a map by using an TYP file from internet.
Read here for more information about the possibilities of TYP files.

Images of GMTK

Main screen:

Main screen

Possible actions on the unlock codes:

Possible actions on the unlock codes

The Extras:

The Extras

Program settings:

Program settings



Destination choice with Backup:

Destination choice with Backup

Map information:

Map information

Migration plan to go to a new computer

If you want to migrate from an old computer to a new one, this is a basic migration plan.
You don't need to install anything on the new computer, except JaVaWa GMTK off course, you can install MapSource/BaseCamp, but it's not necessary.

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