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Calculating with coordinates
This tool can be used to perform miscellaneous calculations with coordinates, like those that are needed sometimes in geocaching.

Fast fix for the fēnix
The Garmin fēnix has some trouble finding satellites; it can take some time to get a satellite fix. Recently the fēnix has gotton a firmware update that supports the Extended Prediction Orbit technique. The idea behind it (that works on other devices like the Forerunner 220/620 too) is that the GPS can find the satellites faster using recent information about the position of the satellites. It works very well; instead of minutes it takes just a few seconds to get a fix.

Garmin zūmo - Map colors
Many maps use a TYP file to define the colors of map elements. When the TYP file doesn't define a color for a particular map element or when no colors are defined at all (like with the City Navigator maps), the device defines the color itself.

Make .System folder visible
On devices like the Zũmo XT the .System folder is invisible by default. This folder can be made visible by following these steps.

MTP devices and the Mac
More and more Garmin devices are released that only support the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), like the Zũmo XT, and most recent Camper and Drive(Smart) models, but also various fitness and training watches. Apple does support MTP, but not optimal. Only one program can simultaneously communicate with the device, to other programs the device is not discoverable while the first program is active.

Setting map projection on the Mac
Adjust the projection angle of a map in BaseCamp on Mac OS.

Tools for advanced users
This page contains some apps that a normal GPS user probably won't need.

Track Analyser
This web-application is for analysing GPS tracks.

Trip Repair Tool
When deviating from a route the zūmo XT will try to get you back to the point where you deviated from the route, even when recalculating to the next route-point would be faster. It will do this until you are about a mile from the original route. Often the XT will insist on making U-Turns. Hence the abbreviation RUT, that stands for Repeated U-Turns.

Use a virtual device with Basecamp
Use a virtual device with Basecamp

Remove unwanted hidden files on USB-sticks, cameras, GPSses and other devices with CleanEject

FotoGeoTag is a program to add GPS data (position and elevation) to photos using a track from a GPS device.

Create your own maps based on GPX files for your GPS and for MapSource/BaseCamp on your computer.

JaVaWa Device Manager
JaVaWa Device Manager helps you to manage the contents of your Garmin device and accompanying (micro) SD cards in an easy way. The program performs an exhaustive check, reports potential conflicts and provides a wealth of information about the maps in your device or on your SD card.

You can create a backup of your maps with JaVaWa GMTK and restore these (e.g. on another computer) including unlock codes. Re-installing maps is unnecessary. Migration of your Garmin maps from and old computer to a new one is straightforward with this application. Do you want to use your maps on a second computer like a laptop or netbook? JaVaWa GMTK takes care of it.

JaVaWa IMGname
JaVaWa IMGname is a program to change the names in an IMG file quickly. Ofcourse this can be done with JaVaWa Device Manager, but that only works on IMG files in devices, and scanning a device with JaVaWa Device Manager takes some time.

JaVaWa MapConverter
JaVaWa MapConverter converts Garmin maps in the old format (those who use configuration settings in the Windows Registry) to the new .gmap format.

JaVaWa RTWtool
JaVaWa RTWtool is an application to convert routes, tracks, waypoints and courses in multiple ways.

Use City Navigator Europe NT with MapSource 6.13.7

OSM Combiner
Combine OSM maps with OSM Combiner.

POImaker templates
With a spreadsheet program like Excel you can easily create CSV files that can be converted to a POI file with Garmin POI Loader, but there are some limitations.

With TYPchanger you can change the layout of a map on your device by adding another TYP file to the map file.

Installation tips Windows
Windows - Downloading and installing JaVaWa programs

Installation tips macOS
macOS - Starting JaVaWa applications

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