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The tool has gotten so much more functionality; the layout of this page doesn't really suit it anymore. Use instead the following link for the tool:

Calculating with coordinates

The tool (mobile version) can be used to perform miscellaneous calculations with coordinates, like those that are needed sometimes in geocaching.

The calculations are based on GeographicLib, resulting in a very high accuracy; even on long distances.
Calculations are performed along a great circle, the shortest distance over the earth's surface. This results in curved lines on the map, which can be clearly seen on long distances.

The lines and circles can sometimes have a strange appearance; this is the case when the borders of the visible map are exceeded (the earth is a slightly flattened sphere; sometimes the shortest path runs via the poles or the "rear"). You can get a correct display of the lines and circles on a 3D projection of the earth by clicking the button "Show 3D". This option is available only if your browser and video card support WebGL.

The tool supports coordinates in several different notations.

The following calculations are available:

  1. Distance and center point between two points
  2. Distance from a point to a line
  3. Projecting a point
  4. Intersection of the lines from two points with a defined bearing
  5. Intersection of the lines between four points
  6. Intersection of line with defined bearing and line between two points
  7. Center of gravity, area and perimeter of a triangle
  8. Orthocenter, circumscribed and inscribed circle of a triangle
  9. Center of gravity, area and perimeter of a quadrilateral
  10. Intersection points of two circles
  11. Intersection point of three circles
  12. Intersection points of a line and a circle
  13. Circle through three points
  14. Triangulation
  15. Triangulation: Snellius-Pothenot problem
  16. Area, perimeter and center of gravity of a polygon
  17. Distance to horizon

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There is a mobile version too:

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