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Creating a map based on GPX or GDB files for your GPS and for MapSource/BaseCamp on your computer is possible with several existing programs, but it's certainly not easy to accomplish. With IMGfromGPX it's a matter of a few mouse clicks! This program can generate a map with the following features:

Download a sample map with all possible colours and symbols. They can be found in the proximity of 52° N 5° E. You can install the map with JaVaWa GMTK. The same map, ready to go for your device: gmapsupp.img

System requirements

This program requires Java version 6 or higher on your computer.
Windows users can download Java here. Note for Windows 64-bit users: IMGfromGPX is a 32-bit program, and therefore needs the 32-bit version of Java!

On the Mac it depends on the version of OS X. When you have Leopard (10.5) or Snow Leopard (10.6) and you run Software-update regularly you will have the right version on your Mac.
Users of Lion (10.7) or newer can get Java here:
The version of Java under Tiger is unfortunately not the right one, but on this site Tiger users can acquire a working alternative.

Need the most recent version of Java from Oracle? Install the JDK; not the JRE.

How does it work?

You can set a style for POIs and (optionally) a color for tracks for each GPX or GDB file. Split your data in separate GPX or GDB files when you want to have multiple styles. POIs can be provided with additional information (addresses, phone numbers); the easy way to do this is to use the program POImaker.

Drag the GPX or GDB files containing tracks and/or waypoints to the application window. The list shows the number of tracks and/or waypoints in the file. By clicking in the columns 'poi style', 'poi sub style' en 'track color' you will get a popup menu where you can pick a style or color.

When you've set all styles and colors, enter a map ID (or Family ID). This map ID needs to be unique; when you already have a map with this ID on your computer the program lets you know this and gives you (Windows only) the option to remove the other map (only the registry entries, not the files).

Next enter the name of the map (on the computer and on the device they can be different, but you can choose to use the same name twice).

The display of tracks (color, line width) on the computer/in your device is controlled by a TYP file. A few are included, but you can create your own with a TYP editor. More about this below.

Finally, click on the button 'Create map'. You have to select the folder where the map files will be placed.

IMGfromGPX performs a check on the tracks; track segments shorter than 1 metre will be merged.

Adding/modifying TYP files

There are a few TYP files included, but you can add your own TYP files.

You can create your own TYP filed with the program TYPviewer (Windows only). Use one of the included TYP files as a starting point.

Display of POIs

The program includes a large number of POI styles, based on the categories in the Oregon 550 and the zūmo 550. Some might not be available on your device so you have to experiment with it. In MapSource/BaseCamp they become visible only when you zoom in, but you can always find them via search.

Not all details of the POIs are included in the map, only the name, address and phone number. For instance the content of the comment field is not included.

Display of tracks

You can specify a single color for each file, but you can also let the program select a color based on the color you selected for the track in MapSource or BaseCamp. Select {none} in the popup menu to accomplish this.
Because the number of options is more restricted than with tracks in MapSource/BaseCamp and because the day/night view has to be taken into account a translation is made. See the manual.

In the popup menu for the track colors you will find some additional options with the suffix 'area'. These options will create transparent areas instead of lines. When you want a border around the areas, add the GPX or GDB file twice.
The automatic color assignment based on the track color does not work with areas.


This program uses the open source program mkgmap to compile the map.


Version Changes
  • Added check for illegal map ID.
  • Added new TYP file; Dashed.
  • TYP files will be renamed automatically to prevent possible problems with multiple maps.
  • Added option to skip items in GPX files.
  • Corrected translation of POI categories.
  • Added extra TYP files.
  • Fixed bug in version 2.1 for the Mac.
  • Improved Java support.
  • Improved translation of certain messages.
  • Improved support for folder names with special characters.
  • Mac: dropped PowerPC support.
  • Fixed problem with POI names.
  • Improved categorizing camp site POIs.
  • Fixed potential issue with finding Java.
  • IMGfromGPX now remembers the last used settings.
  • Corrected some missing translations.
  • Repaired bug that resulted in omitting the TYP file from gmapsupp.img.
  • Added some more TYP files.
  • Repaired critical bug in 1.6
  • Added check for illegal TYP file names.
  • Added option to create a gmapsupp.img file.
  • Made some optimisations to increase processing speed.
  • Added support for GDB files.
  • Gmapibuilder is dropped; its functionality is incorporated in the program itself. This way it is possible to create a .gmap map in the Windows version too.
  • The map isn't installed automatically under Windows anymore because of compatibility problems with Windows 7.
  • Changes to documentation and messages related to the use of IMGfromGPX in combination with Windows Vista/7.
  • Improved check for Windows 32 bit or 64 bit in install.cmd/uninstall.cmd
  • Uninstall.cmd now asks for deletion of files instead of doing it immediately.
  • Corrected name of shortcut in Start Menu.
  • More POIs added.
  • Built in support for routes in GPX files.
  • Corrected problem with "Borderless.typ" (name is too long; changed into NoBorder.typ)
  • POI icons now match those in MapSource/BaseCamp.
  • Corrected POI category "Geographic Points".
  • Naming of POI styles adjusted to those in devices.
  • Icons added to POI sub styles.
  • Small adjustments for Text2Track.
  • Solved bug deleting of items.
  • Added possibility to create (transparent) areas.
  • Added install option (Windows version)
  • Splitting of long tracks removed (because of areas)
  • Bug removed that sometimes caused lines between tracks.
  • Translated into English
0.2(Dutch version)
0.1(Dutch version)
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